Freshen Up Your Carpets

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Does it seem like your allergies are always aggressive in your home? Dirt, dust, pollen and other allergens may be hiding in your carpets. 915 Carpet Cleaning in El Paso, TX is a local company that has been rejuvenating carpets for over a decade.

With many years of experience under our belt, we know how to transform old carpets by removing allergens and making them look beautiful again. Call 915-630-5267 now to get your carpets back into great shape.


1 & 2 rooms: $75.00
3 & 4 rooms: $100.00
5 & 6 rooms: $125.00

All Packages include:
Our 2-step process on all rooms, hallways, stairs, closets, spot treatment, deodorizer, shampoo, extraction, machine agitations fans to dry. We do not move furniture however if you move it, we will clean it.

Micro-fiber couches, Sectionals: $65.00
Love Seat, Couch and Chair: $100.00

Steam cleaned with portable machine.

What Do Our Carpet Cleaning Services Include?

You can bring your carpets back to life with help from our professionals. Our carpet cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning - spot treating, shampooing and cleaning carpets
  • Deodorizing - applying a powder to treat and remove smells
  • Drying - using a fan to speed up the drying process
We'll do everything we can to get your carpets dry as quickly as possible and get you back into your space. We don't move furniture, but we're happy to clean the carpets in every room you've cleared. Contact us now for residential or commercial carpet cleaning services.

Rejuvenating The Carpets In Your Home Or Apartment

Have dirt and grime infiltrated your home and burrowed into your carpets? You can count on our professionals for a little help. We offer a $100 special for residential clients. This low price includes:

  • Cleaning and shampooing your carpets
  • Spot treating your carpets for stains
  • Using a deodorizer to refresh the carpets
We'll also set up a fan to speed up the drying process. This special can involve cleaning every carpeted room in your home, including the stairs.

Do you own an apartment? You're in luck! We also offer this amazing deal for apartments at just $75 per unit. You'll get all the services mentioned above for an even lower price. Reach out to us now for more details on our carpet cleaning special.